As Director, Sector Innovation, Kristin is responsible for overall opportunity generation and business development strategy. She also leads the development of select proposals and provides support to the CEO for future strategic pursuits.

In addition to her professional credentials, Kristin brings to the table two remarkable assets: an ability to understand the problem and to get the right people on it.

This is highly valuable to both the industries and researchers we work with. Whether it’s helping a company assess a potential genomics-based approach or working with a team to deliver a competitive proposal on deadline, Kristin cuts through the clutter to get to the answers.

With a background in pharmacology, Kristin is comfortable ‘geeking out’ with the research community, but has a great ability to translate that scientific passion into real-world applications for industry and the public sector. Focused on a portfolio of mining, the environment and health, you’ll most likely find Kristin connecting companies and researchers from these areas, helping them understand each other’s worlds to address challenges like clean drinking water, bioremediation and rare diseases.

Kristin obtained her Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology from Dalhousie University in 2011 where she focused on a life-long interest in cancer and its mysterious way of turning the body against itself. Determined to make sure her science knowledge could make a difference, Kristin completed an MBA at Saint Mary’s University in 2014 and as part of her training, she worked with PEI biotech company, BioVectra, where, among other things, she developed an evaluation model to assess risks and opportunities for generic drug development. She also completed the Genetics and Genomics Certificate program from Stanford University.