Diane is the first ever Chief Science Officer (CSO) at New Brunswick’s Research and Productivity Council (RPC), a research and technology organization located in Fredericton, N.B. She earned her PhD in bioanalytical chemistry from Dalhousie University and has several publications spanning the fields of proteomics and pharmaceutical drug design.

Diane is involved in the complete innovation cycle from concept through to commercialization by providing scientific guidance to government, academic and industry partners. She also provides internal guidance to the team of scientists she leads at RPC. As a member of the executive, Diane plays a significant role in strategic planning and budgeting, with regular reporting to the Board of Directors.

Prior to her role as CSO, Diane was the Director of RPC’s Air Quality Laboratories where she consulted with stakeholders and designed analytical methods to support heath and safety initiatives. Diane strongly believes that youth mentorship is crucial for securing generations of scientific leadership in Atlantic Canada and as a result, leads several student mentorship initiatives at RPC.

Diane is a chartered chemist with the Association of Chemical Profession of Ontario, a registered biosafety officer with the Canadian Association for Biological Safety, an adjunct professor with the University of New Brunswick and a registered highland dance instructor with the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. She is also a proud mother of two daughters.

Diane’s three favourite words are Connection, Collaboration and Communication. With these “three C’s” and some grit, she believes almost anything can be achieved.