An engineering background may not seem like the most obvious choice for someone at Genome Atlantic, but when it’s coupled with years of industrial R&D consulting, it’s actually pretty close to perfect.

Especially when you consider the beautiful collision of genomics and engineering happening in sectors such as mining (Britta’s specialty), oil and gas, and environmental applications.

It’s that engineering perspective you want when you’re trying to introduce new technologies into highly complex systems. Britta’s been there, and done that in real industrial environments. She’s got a highly sensitive ‘risk’ radar, and is always asking: How is that going to work?

As Director, Innovation Programs, Britta is responsible for the development and implementation of the proposal development and program management. In her proposal development role, she provides hands on guidance to clients at every stage of the process. Her oversight of active projects within the research portfolio ensures that projects are compliant with Genome Atlantic’s governance requirements – and she also supports the CEO for future strategic pursuits.

Britta gained her extensive R&D know-how with KPMG and Grant Thornton, helping companies pursue innovation through research collaborations with academia. Research tax credits, proposal development, project management – Britta helped clients of all sizes move their projects from cradle to grave.

All of this makes this Dalhousie Engineering alumnus an ideal champion for project teams at Genome Atlantic, where she helps on both the proposal development AND project management sides of things. Additionally, Britta recently added to her list of accomplishments the completion of the Genetics and Genomics Certificate program from Stanford University.