Andrew is an Associate, Sector Innovation responsible for supporting the opportunity generation pipeline and the business development strategy for Genome Atlantic. He is a life sciences generalist who built an independent management consulting practice to position businesses for investment, partnerships and value growth. He brings over 36 years of experience in management, strategic and operations roles in commercialization, business development and scientific responsibilities in innovation consulting and pharma/biotech. He was previously responsible for stakeholder and strategic partner development as well as advising to provincial and federal government-supported accelerators, academics, and entrepreneur start-ups. He was a reviewer for funding agencies on hundreds of technology commercialization grants and conducted several technical due diligence reviews for Public-Private Partnership large-scale government infrastructure investments.

Andrew’s approach to genomics proposal development starts with the translational strategy and articulating the stepwise process for end-users to realize the expected socio-economic benefits to Canada. He works with multidisciplinary teams to explain the partnerships, business models and processes needed for GE3LS (Genomics and its Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social Aspects) to mitigate downstream risks that may be encountered during implementation of the ‘omics technology being developed in the grant.

Andrew enjoys helping people and is results-focused to support the Genome Atlantic team developing new opportunities by quickly grasping the core concepts and contributing to an actionable plan. He is focused on customer needs and adapts well to stakeholder uncertainties and time-sensitive deadlines to deliver insights on critical success factors. Andrew has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry from McGill University.