Published: April 3rd 2020

Genome Atlantic is inviting proposals for genomics enabled project concepts from Atlantic Canadian stakeholders to address specific, short term needs which will allow the region to better respond to the pandemic. A total envelope of $250,000 in funds is available […]

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Why vegan salmon could be healthier salmon

Published: February 5th 2020

Could algae replace fish oils and meal to feed farmed fish? In this fascinating video, Dr. Stefanie Colombo talks about the advantages of plant-based proteins as a healthier, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly alternative. The Canada Research Chair in Aquaculture […]

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Code Breakers

Published: February 4th 2020

A profile by Quentin Casey on Genome Atlantic in the latest issue of Atlantic Business’ Natural Resources Magazine shows how genomics is driving innovation in Atlantic Canada. Each day, billions of tons of seawater flow through the Bay of Fundy, […]

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Dr. Sean Myles dishes on apple breeding

Published: November 25th 2019

Fruit genomic specialist Dr. Sean Myles tells us why genomics is the future of apple breeding.
Also – here’s what he thinks is the coolest thing about plant genomics!

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Digging into Mic

Published: November 28th 2019

Microbiologically-influenced corrosion (MIC) accounts for 20% of corrosion failures in oil and gas pipelines. Dr. Lisa Gieg is determined to find out more about this damaging phenomenon. Gieg co-leads a $7.8 million collaborative research project which, three years in, is providing some much-needed answers.

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Why Bioleaching is primed for prime time

Published: November 17th 2019

Using naturally occurring microbes instead of toxic chemicals to extract metal from ores could soon be the environmentally-friendly preferred choice of the mining industry.

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