A new balsam fir on the path to Christmas stardom

Published: December 14th 2021

🎶🎤O Christmas tree O Christmas tree How lovely are thy branches! That German carol could be singing the praises of SMART balsam fir, a new balsam fir variety inching up in 12 Nova Scotia test sites and destined for stardom […]

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Employment Opportunity: Director of Finance

Published: April 13th 2021

Note: The application deadline for this position has been extended to May 2, 2021. Genomics is a powerful combination of genetics, biology and computer science. It provides us with the unprecedented ability to better understand all living things, leading to […]

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N.S. gains COVID early warning system via wastewater sampling

Published: March 29th 2021

Nova Scotia’s low incidence of COVID-19 has endowed a short-term, province-wide wastewater surveillance project with the ability to act as an early warning system for clinical caseload surges. That capability sets the Nova Scotia program apart from other wastewater sampling […]

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$4.7 Million Atlantic Salmon Gill Health Initiative announced

Published: March 18th 2021

In March, the Government of Canada announced research support for a $4.7 Million Complex Gill Health Initiative that will focus on Complex Gill Disease (CGD), a growing health challenge for salmon farming operations in both the Pacific and North Atlantic.  […]

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