Explore a Genomics Opportunity

We help companies, researchers and other partners assess, develop and validate the potential of ‘omics R&D to address a challenge or opportunity. We can employ a number of services or activities to help you; some of these opportunities may be eligible for the Genome Atlantic Genomics Opportunity Review Program. 

We can help you:

  • Determine and prioritise areas where ‘omics may provide benefit
  • Identify approaches to ‘omics R&D that may be required
  • Examine technology options best suited to the business and scientific landscape
  • Address gaps in expertise and resources
  • Develop an R&D roadmap for the initiative, including relevant funding sources, which may include: Genome CanadaNRC-IRAPNSERC EngageNSERC CRDACOA AIFGrowing Forward IICIHR and others

Case in point

We supported a number of activities needed to validate an innovative R&D approach for a start-up company in the health sector.

And another

We facilitated a workshop for a small group of researchers, companies and a federal government department to determine the best ‘omics R&D approaches for environmental impact assessment of a regional industrial site.