Helping Atlantic Canada Benefit from Genomics

We work with a broad array of partners — companies, researchers, universities, hospitals, health centres, clinicians, research institutions, industry associations, not for profits, public sector departments and agencies — to turn problems and challenges into solutions and opportunities through applied genomics and other ‘omics research and development.


What do we mean by ‘omics?

‘Omics refers to a range of disciplines that combine biological research with the power of computers. For our purposes, ‘omics can describe any ‘omics discipline including genomics, proteomics, epigenomics, metagenomics, nutrigenomics, metabolomics, pharmacogenomics and transcriptomics.

How can we help you get started?

Genomics at Work

Genomics is a transformative and powerful tool that can help us face global food, energy and healthcare challenges while protecting our precious natural resources.

See how genomics can be used in seven key sectors