Climate-Proofing Blue Mussels
Genome Atlantic Growing The Economy
Protecting Prince Edward Island’s farmed mussels against climate change.
Eighty percent of all mussels sold in North America come from Prince Edward Island making it North America’s top farmed mussel producer. The provincial mussel industry accounts for $60 million in direct economic growth; it employs 1,500 Islanders and pays $11 million in salaries.

An $800,000 Initiative

It will provide the genomic basis for a blue mussel selective breeding program. The initiative is designed to make the blue mussel resilient to climate change and protect one of Prince Edward Island’s most economically important industries.

The Benefit

The application of these genomics tools is predicted to double blue mussel production in P.E.I. within the next ten years, from 50 million to 100 million pounds, significantly impacting employment and the economy in P.E.I..

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