Genomics and Agriculture

Creating enough food for our growing global population is a major challenge. Using genomics to study the DNA of plants and animals, we can develop ways to increase production, reduce costs, improve sustainability and withstand climate change.

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In a nutshell

What does genomics have to do with agriculture? Here’s a primer. Download Here

Moooo-ving right along

A light-hearted explanation of genomics in the dairy cattle industry that Zoetis developed. Sure, it’s an ad, but it delivers the basic in… Visit Site

The Food Improver

Watch Dalhousie researcher, Sean Myles, explain how looking at DNA can help us grow more food with fewer chemical inputs.

Local farm uses genomi…

Read how local dairy farm, Sunny Point Farms, is making the most of genomics to create a sustainable, profitable farm here in Nova Scotia. Visit Site

How 'bout them apples?

Sean tells us why he’s growing 1000 apple varieties. WATCH VIDEO