$4.7 Million Atlantic Salmon Gill Health Initiative announced

In March, the Government of Canada announced research support for a $4.7 Million Complex Gill Health Initiative that will focus on Complex Gill Disease (CGD), a growing health challenge for salmon farming operations in both the Pacific and North Atlantic.  This project, co-led by Genome Atlantic and Genome BC, will validate biomarkers of healthy and compromised gills of Atlantic salmon and use these to develop an early warning system for the development of gill disease on Atlantic salmon production sites across Canada. The resulting genomics-enabled tools for fish health will guide the management and intervention strategies for complex gill disease in Atlantic salmon.


Dr. Kathleen Frisch, Cermaq, and Dr. Mark Fast, UPEI, Co-Leads of the Complex Gill Health Initiative

Genome Atlantic congratulates the coast-to-coast research team and acknowledge the generous support of project funders the Government of Canada through Genome Canada, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Genome BC, Mitacs Canada, Memorial University, the University of Prince Edward Island, the BC Salmon Farmers Association, and industry partners Cermaq Canada, Grieg Seafood, and Cargill.

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