Genome Canada’s (GC) Latest Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (B/CB) Competition Funding

Genome Canada’s (GC) latest Bioinformatics and Computational Biology competition launched in early December. One of the major objectives of this competition is to support the development of tools and methodologies that will help the research community deal with the influx of large amounts of data produced by genomics technologies.

  • The funding is split equally between 2 streams: i) Health, and ii) proposals with one or more of the other Genome Canada sectors.
  • Project size can range from $0.5M to $1M, with a funding ratio of 1:1 (50% co-funding required, cash or in-kind)
  • Registrations (screened for eligibility) are due to Genome Atlantic (GA) by January 29th, 2018

In addition, Genome Atlantic will be working closely with ACENET to support Atlantic teams applying for the competition.

The RFA can be found here, but we encourage those interested in applying to contact Kristin Tweel, Britta Fiander or Andy Stone in advance of the deadline.

Genome Atlantic Brokers Partnerships for New Research and Development

Genome Atlantic Brokers Partnerships for New Research and Development

Federal government investment of $750,000 will advance research projects and help create jobs in Atlantic Canada.

Recognizing that biotechnology research has strong potential to create economic opportunities and jobs, the Government of Canada is investing $750,000 in Genome Atlantic’s work…


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