Sequence #13

Published: December 20th 2021

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Jay Woodworth, Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc’s Christmas Tree specialist with one of the SMART Balsam Fir seedlings. She oversees the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia’s research program. Photo: John Hillis, Truefaux Films
An aerial view of Marbase, home of North America's first commercial lumpfish hatchery now in development. Photo, Marbase Marystown Inc.
Photo, New England Aquarium

International team to meet in Halifax next month

The international research team, assembled to explore the potential role of genetic factors in the problematic recovery of the North Atlantic right whale, is meeting in Halifax in January to discuss their approach.

Saint Mary’s University and the New England Aquarium are collaborating on a $6 million research study announced in July by Genome Atlantic.

They are using extensive data about whale health and reproduction collected in Canada, the United States and elsewhere to further their research. The team’s findings could have implications for marine management, policies, practices and conservation plans.

Dr. Mark Fast, Professor of Fish Health and Immunology, Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI, is helping develop tools to pinpoint the risk factors for Complex Gill Disease, the cause of staggering losses for salmon fish farmers outside Atlantic Canada. Photo, UPEI Marketing and Communications
Dr. Scott Pavey in his CRI Genomics lab at the Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick, Saint John, N.B. Photo, Rob Blanchard, UNB Communications

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