Employment Opportunity: Director of Finance

Published: April 13th 2021

Note: The application deadline for this position has been extended to May 2, 2021. Genomics is a powerful combination of genetics, biology and computer science. It provides us with the unprecedented ability to better understand all living things, leading to […]

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N.S. gains COVID early warning system via wastewater sampling

Published: March 29th 2021

Nova Scotia’s low incidence of COVID-19 has endowed a short-term, province-wide wastewater surveillance project with the ability to act as an early warning system for clinical caseload surges. That capability sets the Nova Scotia program apart from other wastewater sampling […]

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$4.7 Million Atlantic Salmon Gill Health Initiative announced

Published: March 18th 2021

In March, the Government of Canada announced research support for a $4.7 Million Complex Gill Health Initiative that will focus on Complex Gill Disease (CGD), a growing health challenge for salmon farming operations in both the Pacific and North Atlantic.  […]

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On the path to understanding bipolar disorder

Published: March 16th 2021

When he entered medical school at Charles University, in Prague, Martin Alda, knew without a doubt, his specialty would be psychiatry. He “never had second thoughts,” he said. “For me, it represented ‘the royal road’ to a better understanding of […]

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Rising superstar in fish nutrition: Dr. Stefanie Colombo

Published: December 1st 2020

Dr. Stefanie Colombo is on a roll.  A talented researcher focused on alleviating some of the environmental and nutritional issues stalking fish farm operations in Atlantic Canada and elsewhere, Dr. Colombo is hard at work developing novel solutions for environmentally […]

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Climate-Proofing Blue Mussels

Published: November 10th 2020

A genomics project to protect Prince Edward Island’s top-ranked place in North America’s mussel market against climate change. This $800,000 initiative is predicted

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