Digging into Mic

Published: November 28th 2019

Microbiologically-influenced corrosion (MIC) accounts for 20% of corrosion failures in oil and gas pipelines. Dr. Lisa Gieg is determined to find out more about this damaging phenomenon. Gieg co-leads a $7.8 million collaborative research project which, three years in, is providing some much-needed answers.

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Why Bioleaching is primed for prime time

Published: November 17th 2019

Using naturally occurring microbes instead of toxic chemicals to extract metal from ores could soon be the environmentally-friendly preferred choice of the mining industry.

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Testimonial: RPC’s Eric Cook

Published: November 5th 2019

RPC’s Eric Cook talks about Genome Atlantic’s unique role in funding and enabling applied R&D that benefits Atlantic Canada.

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The future of personalized health & human performance

Published: November 25th 2019

In today’s data revolution, genomics is emerging as a potential game changer for medicine and human performance, fuelled, in part, by pioneering work in precision personalized data underway on Canada’s east and west coasts. This exciting development was examined in […]

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SEQUENCE #7: Looking to genomics for hope and solutions

Published: March 8th 2019

“There is hope”. This is how Dr. Martin Alda summed up the promise of genomics as a potential game-changer for diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder (BD). Clinicians have known for some time that BD tends to run in families, and […]

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SEQUENCE # 9: De-risking investments through genomics R&D

Published: December 18th 2019

Recently we visited the Research and Productivity Council (RPC) in New Brunswick to film how they use genomics in testing, developing and improving products and processes.  RPC is a global leader in material and environmental testing, work that puts them in […]

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SEQUENCE # 8: New technologies, real solutions

Published: June 7th 2019

There’s no denying genomics is cool. The study of genes and their functions is adding to our understanding of every living thing. But there’s more to genomics than the wow factor. Genomic technologies are driving solutions for our resource industries, […]

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Using genomics to understand how microbes eat away at pipelines

Published: April 7th 2017

Corrosion-causing bacteria account for billions of dollars of damage each year to pipelines, offshore production lines and gathering lines.  Yet, despite its cost to the oil and gas industry, relatively little is known about how Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) occurs. […]

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