The future of personalized health & human performance

Published: November 25th 2019

In today’s data revolution, genomics is emerging as a potential game changer for medicine and human performance, fuelled, in part, by pioneering work in precision personalized data underway on Canada’s east and west coasts. This exciting development was examined in […]

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SEQUENCE #7: Looking to genomics for hope and solutions

Published: March 8th 2019

“There is hope”. This is how Dr. Martin Alda summed up the promise of genomics as a potential game-changer for diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder (BD). Clinicians have known for some time that BD tends to run in families, and […]

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SEQUENCE # 9: De-risking investments through genomics R&D

Published: December 18th 2019

Recently we visited the Research and Productivity Council (RPC) in New Brunswick to film how they use genomics in testing, developing and improving products and processes.  RPC is a global leader in material and environmental testing, work that puts them in […]

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SEQUENCE # 8: New technologies, real solutions

Published: June 7th 2019

There’s no denying genomics is cool. The study of genes and their functions is adding to our understanding of every living thing. But there’s more to genomics than the wow factor. Genomic technologies are driving solutions for our resource industries, […]

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‘Omics project takes de-risking NS’s offshore to next phase

Published: July 23rd 2019

For Immediate Release – July 24, 2019 Halifax, NS – A major new initiative that adds genomics technologies to traditional geoscience aims to reduce the risk for oil exploration in Nova Scotia’s offshore.  The $6.5 million project, Validation and Integration […]

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ISMOS-7 comes to Halifax

Published: June 11th 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 11, 2019 HALIFAX, NS – The 7th International Symposium on Applied Microbiology and Molecular Biology in Oil Systems (ISMOS-7) is coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia from June 18-21, 2019. Hosted by Genome Atlantic, ISMOS-7 will bring […]

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Could microbes help remediate abandoned gold mines?

Published: June 3rd 2019

Mines operating in Canada today adhere to rigorous environmental regulations and strive to minimize the impact of their operations on the environment.  But in the 1800s, before such legislation was in place, valuable minerals were extracted from ore using chemicals […]

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A Q/A with Chris Gardner, Sequence Bio

Published: May 30th 2019

The founder population of Newfoundland and Labrador make it an ideal place to conduct studies linking certain genetic markers with diseases prevalent in the province.  Sequence Bio, a private St. John’s-based biotech company, recently cleared a provincial regulatory hurdle to […]

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