The Promise of Precision Health: Sienna’s Story

Published: September 25th 2017

Orphan (rare) disease are a group of genetic diseases that collectively affect 1 in 12 Canadians. Now, gene discovery is offering new hope for new therapies. A new video by Genome Canada tells the story of Sienna, a rare disease […]

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Published: October 10th 2017

NOTE: this event has already occurred. Please enjoy the above video of the event. As the legalization of cannabis inches closer to becoming a reality in Canada, questions abound. Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A session on the […]

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Sequence Issue #2: The Next Big Wave

Published: August 28th 2017

Recently, Genome Atlantic’s Andy Stone and Stantec’s Marc Skinner teamed up at the monthly Ocean Connector in Halifax to talk about some of the latest genomics-based technologies making waves in ocean research. Here in Atlantic Canada, we are seeing exciting […]

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Five Questions for a leading authority on pipeline corrosion

Published: May 3rd 2017

Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion (MIC), or microbial corrosion, is the deterioration of metals by certain microorganisms found in water and soils. MIC is a problem for many industries including onshore and offshore oil and gas operations. Responding to the constant threat of […]

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CFIA approves camelina oil for use in Atlantic salmon feed

Published: April 24th 2017

“Genome Atlantic and its partners have transformed a tiny seed into a big opportunity, creating an innovative, alternative solution with long-term benefits to industry.  This kind of work is at the heart of positioning Canada as a world-leading innovation economy.” […]

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Cleaning Up Contaminated Environments Safely

Published: April 4th 2017

This article was originally published in Benchmarks, the newsletter of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University. We all know when an oil spill occurs, it’s important to clean it up as soon as possible. But, what about […]

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Five Questions for a Leading Canadian Geneticist

Published: March 22nd 2017

Genome Atlantic caught up with Dr. Kym Boycott, a leading Canadian medical geneticist and global expert on rare diseases, to learn more about Canada’s efforts in finding causative genes and developing treatments for rare monogenetic diseases. Dr. Boycott was in […]

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