Genome Atlantic is part of the Innovation solution

Published: May 16th 2018

The Conference Board of Canada’s recently released Innovation Scorecard ranks most Canadian provinces low on Business Enterprise R&D. Genome Atlantic is part of the solution. Private sector investment makes up about ¼ of our R&D portfolio. Check out the Business Enterprise Expenditure […]

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Sequence Issue #4: 163 lives saved….and counting

Published: May 4th 2018

Ten years ago, Newfoundland researchers cracked the genetic code of a cardiac disease that causes death in seemingly healthy young people. The disease, Type 5 ARVC, is particularly prevalent in Newfoundland and Labrador. Genome Atlantic recently caught up with researchers […]

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Igniting Collaboration, Advancing Genomics-Enhanced Medicine

Published: March 21st 2018

Dr. Johane Robitaille, MD (L), with Dr. Chris MacMaster   Igniting Collaboration, Advancing Genomics-Enhanced Medicine   It’s not often that we get a chance to look back and marvel at the ripple effect a research project can have. Almost seven […]

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Heart Disease Gene Discovery is still Saving Lives

Published: February 28th 2018

 L to R: The ARVC research team of Drs. Terry-Lynn Young, Kathleen Hodgkinson and Sean Connors   Heart disease gene discovery is still saving lives Watch the family curse video on the ARVC story, click here. Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) […]

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Riding the Wave of Innovation

Published: February 26th 2018

Riding the wave of  Innovation Funding for the Ocean Supercluster is amazing news for Canada’s ocean economy and Atlantic Canada! We congratulate the consortium for putting together such a compelling proposal, and thank Minister Navdeep Bains for this investment by […]

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Writing Economic Growth into the Region’s DNA

Published: January 16th 2018

Genome Atlantic President & CEO Steve Armstrong explains in an opinion piece how a global trend in genomics technologies is helping to drive growth in the biosciences in Atlantic Canada. The piece was published in a number of regional daily […]

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Genome Atlantic Brokers Partnerships for New Research and Development

Published: January 10th 2018

Genome Atlantic Brokers Partnerships for New Research and Development Federal government investment of $750,000 will advance research projects and help create jobs in Atlantic Canada. Recognizing that biotechnology research has strong potential to create economic opportunities and jobs, the Government […]

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Sequence Issue #3: Clustering, Cannabis & Cleaning Up

Published: November 30th 2017

Superclusters Recently, Genome Atlantic attended an information session on Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, aimed at small and medium businesses who play a vital role in Atlantic Canada’s ocean economy. The session was well attended by business operators who came to find […]

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