Genomics In Society

The ‘omics suite of technologies has the potential to impact everything from human health to agriculture. It enables understanding—and actions—that were never possible before. But like every new technology with so much potential, genomics brings new questions and concerns about its impact on society such as:

  • Now that we have access to so much genetic information about a patient, is there an obligation to share signs of disease? Even if there is nothing that can be done about it?
  • Should insurance companies be able to use your genetic test results to determine your eligibility for coverage?
  • With growing populations and higher demands for food, should we use genomics technologies to genetically modify organisms to create more food using fewer resources? Should that extend to animals used in food production?

Genome Atlantic works closely with the Genome Canada family to address these issues in a number of ways, including research projects, education, public events and debates, academic and policy evaluation workshops and the Genomics and Policy Series (GPS). Our goal through these efforts is to help ensure sufficient examination and consideration of the implementation of genomics-based technologies. If you have expertise in these areas, or have questions about these topics, please contact us.