Where genomics and healthcare meet

Genome Atlantic is very proud to present a monthly seminar series around genomics and health. Since its inception in 2012, this seminar series has had a range of partners and supporters, including Genome Canada, the IGNITE Project, and the IWK Department of Pediatrics.

You can register for upcoming seminars and review past presentations by visiting the website.

The series is designed to create awareness of research happening locally and beyond; spark new ideas in research and/clinical care; increase/improve utilization of genetics/genomics-based information, findings and strategies for improved patient care; discuss related policy, ethical and economic issues; encourage collaborations between and among clinicians and researchers.

The audience is comprised of basic scientists, students, research laboratory personnel who participate in genetics research as well as medical doctors, genetic counselors, ethicists, nurses, nutritionists and other allied health professionals who take care of patients with hereditary conditions.