Find a Genomics Partner.

We connect industry and researchers to develop the best ‘omics solutions to today’s biggest challenges. We use our extensive network of ‘omics experts, companies, economic development and innovation experts, funding agencies and the Genome Canada family to find the best people to address your situation. If you need expertise, funding or partners to help with your challenge, talk to us. We can:

  • Connect you with ‘omics specialists, research teams, companies and other partners to help identify, shape or refine an ‘omics R&D idea
  • Facilitate meetings or workshops between parties
  • Help you find funding for partnership development initiatives

Case in point

We helped a water testing company connect with a national microbial genomics expert to explore DNA‐based advances to the company’s product line.

And another

We partnered with a health authority to help them engage with a national expert in personalized medicine. The national expert worked with the group, advising them on best practises to refine their implementation of genetic sequencing in the hospital setting.