Develop an R&D Funding Proposal

We help companies, researchers and other partners develop strategic, competitive and results-focused proposals. Whether it’s $20,000 or $2 million, funding bodies are increasingly looking for clear, effective initiatives that produce real social and economic benefits.

Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of teams pursue millions of dollars in ‘omics R&D funding. We’ve developed a thorough system, and an extensive network of experienced professionals who bring insight and value to each proposal.

We roll up our sleeves, and work with you every step of the way to:

  • Outline and implement a project plan for the proposal development phase
  • Plan and/or facilitate proposal writing sessions
  • Identify regulatory and other technology adoption hurdles
  • Engage subject matter experts, writers and other consultants as needed
  • Identify and help pursue sources of co-funding, as needed
  • Develop a budget that aligns with R&D needs and funder requirements

After you submit the proposal

Hurray! You’ve made it through the proposal development process. Now what?

If your proposal is successful, we can work with the universities, researchers, companies and other proponents to provide 3rd party, neutral advice and guidance through the notice of award stage, which includes the development of a collaborative research agreement, and satisfying pre-disbursement conditions.

Once you’ve crossed those hurdles, we can help with a number of aspects of managing the project itself, including developing a project management protocol, establishing criteria for and/or hiring the project manager, and providing financial management and oversight.

If your proposal is not successful, we can help you re-assess the initiative, implement any feedback from the funding agency, and revisit the R&D roadmap to determine what alternative funding sources you may pursue.

If you’re ready to talk about an ‘omics R&D proposal, please contact us.

Case in point

We’ve helped manage over $90 million in ‘omics R&D projects. From tracking financials and milestones, to addressing scientific challenges and surprises, we’ve worked closely with the project teams and funding partners to ensure projects meet their full potential to create innovative solutions.