Genomics and Environment

The environment is full of living organisms. So it’s not surprising that genomics can play a role. By studying the DNA of animals, plants and microscopic organisms such as bacteria, we can help to develop better systems for things like biomonitoring, bioremediation.

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Genomics & the Planet

A primer on the role genomics can play in helping us sustain a healthy environment. Download Here

Environmental Impact

Genome Canada’s former CEO explains why genomics is critical to our environment. Visit Site

Little Engines

Julie Laroche is using genomics to study the DNA of microbes to better understand what’s going on in our oceans. Visit Site

Microbial Culture KB-1

Genomics can help us leverage the power of microbial communities for bioremediation. (Photo courtesy Chronicle Herald) Visit Site

Genomics as a tool in …

A blog post on the use of genomics to inform our approach to bioremediation. Visit Site