Genomics and Aquaculture & Fisheries

Through genomics, we can study the DNA of all the living organisms at play in our waters, from fish and seafood, to the microbes that help to keep the oceans healthy and clean. This can lead to healthier stocks, more effective pest management and faster containment of disease outbreaks.

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A Video = 1000 Words

Take two minutes to see three examples of how genomics is leading to sustainable solutions in fisheries and aquaculture.

A Primer

The basics on the use of genomics in fisheries and aquaculture. Download Here

Aquaculture R&D

A local company with international reach uses genomics-based approaches to improve their breeding programs. VIEW PROJECT

Feed Development

Feed is one of the most expensive aspects of fish farming. See how EWOS Innovation is using genomics to produce better feed formulas. VIEW PROJECT

More Feed: Camelina

Camelina is a plant with high protein and healthy fats.  It is showing great results as a partial replacement for fish meal and oil in fish… VIEW PROJECT