Our Team

We have a small but mighty team of smart, dedicated and hard-working individuals. With backgrounds in business, science, R&D, communications, finance, project management and accounting, we’re eager to help you tackle your next genomics challenge.

  • Steve Armstrong, PhD

    President and CEO

    Phone: 902.421.5661
    Email: sarmstrong@genomeatlantic.ca

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    “ It’s difficult to imagine a technology with more potential to benefit key sectors in Atlantic Canada than genomics. ”

    Steve’s unwavering commitment to help Atlantic Canada reap the benefits of genomics-based innovation has made him an invaluable part of the Genome Atlantic team since its inception in 2000.

    He has a strong scientific background as well as extensive experience in both the public and private sectors -- expertise that is highly beneficial as he helps connect industry, academic institutions and funding agents around strategic genomics R&D collaborations.

    Steve is driven by the opportunities for economic and social impact in a diverse range of sectors in the region. As such, he demonstrates a willingness to ‘roll up the sleeves’ and work with partners to make things happen in everything from strategic consultations with industry about sector challenges that can be addressed by genomics, to deriving new R&D funding mechanisms to reduce administrative loads on industry/academic research teams.

    Steve filled other key roles at Genome Atlantic before being named CEO, including project manager and VP Research and Business Development. Prior to that, he worked at a number of innovation-focused organizations, including Innovacorp, CanTox Inc and the Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation. Steve has a PhD in pharmacology from Dalhousie University.

  • Charmaine Gaudet, APR

    Director of External Relations

    Phone: 902.421.5683
    Email: cgaudet@genomeatlantic.ca

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    “ Genomics brings solutions to so many industry and health challenges. It’s transforming the way that business tackles real-world problems. ”

    Charmaine’s key role is to help people understand the economic and social benefits of genomics. She brings a strong communications background to Genome Atlantic, using her knowledge and experience to convey the impact of genomics in agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries, energy, the environment, forestry, mining and human health.

    Charmaine directs our sector outreach, ensuring companies are introduced to the potential of genomics through presentations and meetings with visiting genomics experts. She is also responsible for Genome Atlantic’s engagement with the research community, organizing workshops, seminars and other opportunities for researchers to share their science with their peers, students and the broader community.

    Finally, Charmaine manages our Genomics in Society program which is focused on balanced and informed discussion and evaluation of ethical, economic, legal and social issues arising from genomics.

    Charmaine is an accredited public relations professional with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Prince Edward Island. She has extensive experience leading communications projects and teams in research, corporate and R&D environments.

  • Nil d'Entremont, CPA

    Chief Financial Officer

    Phone: 902.421.5662
    Email: ndentremont@genomeatlantic.ca

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    “ The extended financial impact of generating over $90M in genomics R&D is incredible, especially when you consider the highly qualified young people it kept in the region. ”

    Nil brings a unique blend of experience and scientific curiosity to his role as Chief Financial Officer. Working in accounting in both public and private spheres for over 30 years, Nil has encountered nearly every financial scenario imaginable. This insight, coupled with his training, problem-solving skills, and ongoing professional development make him an invaluable member of the team.

    Reporting to the CEO and the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, Nil directs and oversees all aspects of Genome Atlantic’s finances, including operational budgets, forecasts and collaboration with the auditors.

    Beyond the organizational finances, Nil is integral to the development and management of budgets for the projects that fall under Genome Atlantic’s purview. Working closely with the project teams and program manager, Nil helps pull all the pieces together to ensure that project budgets meet the needs of the research teams, are well-aligned with the requirements of the various funding agencies, and are clearly and responsibly reported.

    A Chartered Professional Accountant fluent in both French and English, Nil holds Education and Science degrees from Saint Mary’s University, and is a self-proclaimed science fanatic, often sharing insights from the latest science book he is reading. He is also an active member of the community, having served as President of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, and volunteering at every IWK telethon since its inception.

  • Andy Stone, MBA

    Director, Business Development

    Phone: 902.421.5645
    Email: astone@genomeatlantic.ca

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    “ Put the smartest people in the room, give them what they need to get started, and then get out of the way. ”

    Andy has spent most of his career helping companies and other organizations benefit from scientific technologies. As Director of Business Development for Genome Atlantic, he is primarily focused on connecting companies and academic experts to address key industry problems through genomics solutions.

    His experience with the multifaceted aspects of innovation management provides enormous value to the industry/academic project teams he works with. His understanding of opportunity assessment, de-risking research and development, and technology transfer saves time and money for companies and researchers.

    He has extensive knowledge of the major R&D funding programs, and is passionate about finding the right funding partners for each project. He lends his expertise to the structure of partnerships through things like collaborative research agreements, licensing agreements and other technology transfer mechanisms.

    He is committed to making the process as simple as possible so that project teams can pursue solid R&D projects that produce excellent results.

    Before joining Genome Atlantic, Andy honed his skills at a range of public and private organizations, including the National Research Council of Canada, Hospira (a spinout of Abbott) and Capital Health. Andy received his BSc and MBA (Management of Innovation) from McMaster University.

  • Kristin Tweel, PhD, MBA

    Business Development Officer

    Phone: 902.421.5646
    Email: ktweel@genomeatlantic.ca

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    “ Most researchers want to leave the world a better place. By connecting them to companies and others, I think we're helping them do that. ”

    Kristin does two things remarkably well: 1) understand the problem; and 2) get the right people on it.

    This is highly valuable to both the industries and researchers we work with. Whether it's helping a company assess a potential genomics-based approach or working with a team to deliver a competitive proposal on deadline, Kristin cuts through the clutter to get to the answers.

    With a background in pharmacology, Kristin is comfortable 'geeking out' with the research community, but has a great ability to translate that scientific passion into real-world applications for industry and the public sector. Focused on a portfolio of mining, the environment and health, you'll most likely find Kristin connecting companies and researchers from these areas, helping them understand each other's worlds to address challenges like clean drinking water, bioremediation and rare diseases.

    Kristin obtained her Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology from Dalhousie in 2011 where she focused on a life-long interest in cancer and its mysterious way of turning the body against itself. Determined to make sure her science knowledge could make a difference, Kristin completed an MBA at Saint Mary’s University in 2014. As part of her training, she worked with PEI biotech company, BioVectra, where, among other things, she developed an evaluation model to assess risks and opportunities for generic drug development.

  • Britta Fiander, PEng

    Project Development Officer

    Phone: 902.442.4663
    Email: bfiander@genomeatlantic.ca

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    “ I want to help researchers and companies turn their big, brilliant ideas into practical, real-world solutions. ”

    An engineering background may not seem like the most obvious choice for someone at Genome Atlantic, but when it’s coupled with years of industrial R&D consulting, it’s actually pretty close to perfect.

    Especially when you consider the beautiful collision of genomics and engineering happening in sectors such as mining (Britta’s specialty), oil and gas, and environmental applications.

    It’s that engineering perspective you want when you’re trying to introduce new technologies into highly complex systems. Britta’s been there, and done that in real industrial environments. She’s got a highly sensitive ‘risk’ radar, and is always asking: How is that going to work?

    Britta gained her extensive R&D know-how with KPMG and Grant Thornton, helping companies pursue innovation through research collaborations with academia. Research tax credits, proposal development, project management – Britta helped clients of all sizes move their projects from cradle to grave.

    All of this makes this Dalhousie Engineering alumnus an ideal champion for project teams at Genome Atlantic, where she helps on both the proposal development AND project management sides of things.

  • Cara Kirkpatrick

    Program Officer

    Phone: 902.893.8148
    Email: cara.kirkpatrick@dal.ca

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    “ The science that these teams are pursuing is incredible; it has the potential to really do a world of good. ”

    Cara has a wealth of project management experience in a range of sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, biology and international development. As Program Officer, Cara works closely with the research and development teams to ensure that the projects run smoothly, stay on budget and meet the needs of all of the partners.

    She has a strong passion for science and nature, and is a great communicator. These traits serve her well as she is often tasked to translate the complex ideas, perspectives and objectives of the diverse array of researchers, companies and other partners involved in the projects.

    Her project management and organizational skills, coupled with an amazing work ethic are invaluable to the project teams.

    She monitors progress, tracks milestones, manages budgets and develops reports and funding proposals, all of which alleviate administrative duties for the research teams, allowing them to focus their time and energy on scientific matters.

    Cara has an undergraduate degree in zoology from the University of Alberta, and a Master’s degree in International Development Studies from Dalhousie University, where her research focused on natural resource commercialization and rural livelihoods in Cambodia.

  • Richard Donald, PhD


    Email: rdonald@genomeatlantic.ca

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    An experienced consultant, researcher and educator in the fields of the environment and agronomy, Richard Donald has led a diverse career that has taken him across the globe. After receiving his doctorate from the University of Saskatchewan, Richard started his professional career with Jacques Whitford Environment Limited in Halifax where he held various positions including Manager of Environmental Sciences in Nova Scotia, and Manager of International Business Development.

    As a consultant, Richard was involved with a wide range of environmental assessment and management projects, particularly in the mining, oil and gas and agriculture sectors across Canada and in over 23 countries around the world. He has consulted in the area of environmental management and technology agriculture for the United Nations, the World Bank, CIDA, USAID, the International Finance Corporation and many other Canadian and international institutions. His work in the oil and gas sectors included a term as a senior environmental specialist with Qatar Petroleum, in the area of off-shore environmental monitoring and compliance.

    Most recently, Richard served as Vice-President of Research and Extension at Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC), and Associate Dean Research upon the merger of NSAC with Dalhousie University. As part of those positions Dr. Donald was also President and CEO of Perennia Inc, a Nova Scotia crown-owned company with the responsibility of knowledge translation and transfer to the agriculture and food sector. Richard retired from his post at Dalhousie in July of 2014 and continues to consult in the environment and agriculture domain.

  • David Millar


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    David has helped Genome Atlantic with various projects since 2000. Entrepreneur, strategist and author, Millar is founder and executive chairman of Haisley Millar Consulting Group (USA) and founder/managing director of A Wee Publishing Company. Possessing over 30 years of management experience, he is consulted as an expert on small business start-ups, international trade, strategic planning, and sectoral and technology competitiveness by academia, government, and industry. Millar has served as chief executive of a UK-based not-for-profit development agency and charity whose focus was supporting social and community economic development in disadvantaged communities. He is currently a member of the board of directors of the Irish Network Houston.